In the latter part of 2018, our little family discussed what we wanted out of our outdoor adventures for years to come. We had wound down our outdoor adventures for the 2018 season and crafted plans for the 2019 season, with plans that are ambitious and a major shift from our past outdoor seasons.

Our outdoor adventures lifestyle had started shifting to upgrading our equipment before each trip. Throughout 2018 though, it was me, the dad, who wanted more from camping than the way California typically offers – glamping; you know, pull up in a vehicle on a paved road and camp, sometimes even with stores not far down the road. Add to this, I started seeing more and more overlander type vehicles on the roads AND was I annoyed in having to use a Toyota Prius for our trips. This began to ignite my interest in searching for and modifying a 4X4 vehicle, as car modification was a hobby of mine in the past. What a combination – outdoor adventures AND vehicle modifications!

Additionally, one particular year way in the past, we had taken a 3-week long cross country road trip in a rental and truly enjoyed all that experience provided. Eventually, it was realized that there was a partial amount of adventure missing, due to a culmination of factors. One of those factors was the rental vehicle with which we traveled in – not an adventure type vehicle, as well as the mindset – get to where we need to go with a paved road and fast! Both of those factors have changed, ensuring our future trips will all be adventures.