Moki Doorsteps!

WOW! I couldn’t believe my eyes. My family and I decided to binge watch Shark Tank because we were feeling restless and weird, not knowing how what to do. Shark Tank to the rescue! Very first pitch came on and as soon as I saw the Moki Doorstep, I instantly knew I could be buying some. It is SO ingenious that you have to wonder why it was never invented before. The closest I saw to this was the door hinge steps you can install on Jeeps. Moki Doorsteps are SO much better than the Jeep versions though for so many reasons.

There are some aftermarket knockoffs that sell for a fourth of the price, however, I spend the money to buy from the original creators because I want quality and I want to support a fireman and nurse. Although I have not received ours yet as I just ordered them, they have already saved me money from spending $250 on a ladder for the back of the rig. It has limited use compared to these two doorsteps at half the price. I bought two, although you wouldn’t need two necessarily. If you are only get small things off the roof, only one is needed. If you are getting long, heavy things off the roof, you would need two for two people to safely remove that item.

Amazing how Shark Tank brought me the most perfect invention!

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