Shrockworks Rear Bumper Install – Part 1

About four months ago, I took the plunge to buy a Shrockworks rear bumper. I originally wasn’t excited about waiting that long, however, life changed and I bought a house, hence why there haven’t been any posts for awhile, or any traveling for that matter. Once all of the life changes were in full swing, I was REALLY glad that the bumper was not ready. When it did finally arrive, wow, the packaging for this bumper / spare tire carrier / hi-lift jack carrier and 2 metal Jerry can carriers were truly amazing! I have never seen anything packed as well as this was. Even the nails were not your standard nails in the crate.

Although I didn’t take any pictures of the first part of the OEM bumper removal, I spent the weekend removing it and removing the OEM tire carrier, which was pretty rusted and unnecessary since my tires are so big. After the removals, I spent many hours wire wheeling the surface rust and some deeper rust. After I was done, I sprayed some black primer on all of it. Everything looked much nicer and is now better protected from the elements.

Today, I was excited that it was time to install the bumper. I wasn’t sure how I was going to lift the heavy thing into place by myself, so I engineered a way to do this AND make it is for taking it off and putting it back on, as was the case several times.

Sadly, due to the previous owner having a rear end accident (minor), the OEM trailer hitch was cut out. What this did was to make the holes filled with the old bolts, which were pretty rusted, including the OEM square nut that was welded inside the frame. This means I have nothing to screw the bolts into. I am kind of scrambling for ideas on this, but my first idea was to see if I could buy some of the metal strip welded nuts that came with the bumper. I have reached out to Mark at Shrockworks to see if I could buy four of these to get the bumper installed. Part two hopefully coming soon!

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