Shrockworks Rear Bumper Install – Part 2

Having left off in the previous post about not installing the bumper, the bumper is now finally installed! The issue with the holes not having a way for the bolts to attach to anyway was resolved by dropping the bolts from inside the frame into the bumper, then reaching in through the frame with a wrench to hold the bolts in place while screwing in the nuts. I learned after the fact that I could have potentially used a setup called draw tite fasteners, where the piece of metal would sit under the bolt like a washer, but once the nut is getting tight, the bolt will stop spinning because the metal piece inside the frame will not be able to spin completely. Anyway, got those 6 nuts / bolts all fastened. Next up, drill out the two remaining holes of the bumper and then drill two holes for the side supports. The side support holes I just drilled and tapped and called it good.

Once the bumper was on, now it was time to install the swing arm. Definitely a bit of a challenge trying to balance the heavy arm while sandwiching the four washers between everything. Got that done and then installed the two Jerry can brackets, then the Hi-Lift jack. Wait…I am missing hardware to install the spare tire bracket AND I am missing the wiring for the license plate light relocation. Unfortunately, since Shrockworks didn’t supply all the hardware, I had to spend ~$30 for all the necessary hardware to mount the spare tire. I still do not have the wiring though. GLAD this project is ALL done after a month’s worth of weekends working on it. REALLY happy with the bumper system 🙂

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