Steering Wheel Play Fix

For the 1+ year I have owned my rig, there has not been any issues with the front end, knock on wood. However, about 2 months ago, I started noticing a very small, quick slip when turning the steering wheel while the rig was parked and off. I had my rig checked out by West Coast Auto so they could spend a lot less time troubleshooting what it could be. They said it was in the steering column somewhere. I knew I would be able to fix this because Timmy the Toolman has a video on how to perform this repair.

The repair was just as easy and straightforward as Timmy’s video demonstrated. I took the tack weld approach to fix this, but did a single tack weld, in hopes that if the steering wheel is hit while driving, the tack weld will break. The tack weld was free, as provided by a muffle shop. I also did the shim modification to make that piece of it tighter as well. Instead of using blue tape to secure the steering wheel, I used zip ties. A pretty easy job that requires no new parts or money spent really. Steering is back to being firm, tight and with no play!

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